Where are your Hands?

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Where are YOUR hands?

Are you touching your face while you read this? It is important to keep your hands clean and away from your face.

We received a video (see link below) featuring Dr. David Price, ICU doctor, from Weill Cornell Medical Center, in New York. Dr. Price treats patients diagnosed with COVID-19. In the video we received, Dr. Price educates us about COVID-19 and explains how the disease is transmitted through droplets. With this knowledge, Dr. Price assures us that we can stay healthy by:

*Paying attention to our hands (Keep hands clean)
*Avoiding touching our faces (Wear a mask simply to remind/teach ourselves to not touch our face)
*Carrying hand sanitizer with us (and using it after we touch objects/surfaces others have touched)
*Washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
*Respecting the 3 - 6 foot social distancing recommendation


Thank YOU!

Thank you for doing your part to stay healthy! To all of our patients who have visited the office and demonstrated safety precautions- thank you! We see you are using the hand sanitizer provided at the front desk and in the treatment rooms. Everyone has also been very respectful of maintaining a 3 - 6 foot distance between others. Thank you for taking these actions- doing so is helping us all stay healthy!

Cowart Chiropractic will remain open during usual office hours to continue to serve patients. Call us at (630) 357-9833 to set up your next appointment. Remember, chiropractic can help your body cope.


Link to Vimeo from Dr. David Price